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Welcome to the world of Jonah Blacksmith, perhaps the hardest working band in Denmark. The band is lead by brothers Simon and Thomas Alstrup, who writes the songs together. I have worked with JB on a number of occasions, and this is the latest instalment - an animated music video of their song Dandelion.

The music is somewhere between folk, pop and rock. When I was asked to do this project, the band had already worked up a rough storyline, which I worked further on together with Amalie Egholm who was managing the band at the time. The subject matter was very dark, and the narrative was not without problems. However, after we decided that our main character - who we just called Dandelion - would have some magical abilities, the story resolved itself into its shape.

I loved working on this project, which was a real test to my abilities. I love the level of detail that I was able to put in the backgrounds, and the fair amount of animation that went into the film. I hope to get to do a project like this again in the future!


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