Radar 3x3

Poster Series

Strange underwater-like plants are suddenly found floating around a mysterious crash site in Russia.
Immediately the russian army closes down the area, and the new organic life is treated as a potential threat.

News, however, quickly gets out and sparks a worldwide debate. Most major religions claims some form of their doctrine as finally revealed with this new marvel of nature. A lot of new ones are formed, once it is discovered that the matter can be directly influenced by your mind.

Eventually, with no great threat arising or kingdom of heaven revealing itself, humankind settles down to just embrace this new fact of life - that nature is projecting your thoughts onto itself.

These posters where made for the danish venue Radar, as a part of the 3x3 series featuring 3 different artists, each doing 3 posters for upcoming shows.

The series is a part of a Radars experimenting with the concert experience.

My interest in this project was interaction. How does the listeners percieve the music? To understand this, i set up a sci-fi scenario of the unknown - in this case some strange plants that seems to defy the laws of gravity slightly. The different posters is portraying ways to interact with the unknown - caution, projection and acceptance.

To me, these different ways of approaching our reality is very interesting. Do you search for meaning where there maybe isn't one? Do you try to get all the data or are you just accepting the facts at face value? Concert-experiences and music in general is poking to these questions all the time. What is beauty in music and why? Do i analyze every chord structure or do i just let the music take me whereever it might?

Getting these thoughts to play nice with the different concerts was a fun challenge, and the refferences to the specific music and bands are kept very subtle and intuitive on my part.

Also, the small squiggles in the last poster took longer than you will believe, and I’m never doing that again! Next alien plant design will be simpler!


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