animated musicvideo

When I was approached by the danish rock-band The Boy That Got Away, to do an animated musicvideo for the first single from their upcoming album, I was at once thrilled and a bit frightened. The song was about not fitting in, and the whole ethos of the band echoes that fundamental story.

I was encouraged by singer/guitarist Tim Boström and drummer Casper Simonsen to make up a story on my own, taking inspiration in their music, but giving it my own touch.

To me, the story is important and relevant, and I think the music and visuals fit together very well as a cohesive expression of doubt and dread when staring your life-choices dead in the face.

I wanted to evolve my relatively coarse animationstyle (dictated by timeconstraints and lack of technical knowledge) and for this project, I introduced a - for me - new level of detail and tried out some new techniques. I hope you enjoy the result!

Watch the animation below:


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